Hanna Steinthaler


Motto: „Never settle


What makes you special?

I am a quite lively human being, and most of the time full of energy and motivated to do anything. I used to do alpine ski racing till I was 16, and thanks to that I definitely could build up a proper base fitness and mindset for racing the EWS. Besides that I have that competing gene in me, which allows me to go ALL OUT and push myself to the limit.

What are you doing before the start?

Mobilizing my full body, warm up moves and some stretching. Just before the start I check if I’m in the correct gear, fully focus myself and activate my mind – goggles on- let’s race. I do like to talk to myself as well, for a good feeling ans motivation.

What do you do when you’re not on the bike?

I’m working for an insurance broker and studying parallel business and economics at the MCI. In between I do a lot of training sessions in the gym and outdoors. Alternative sports like skiing or ski touring in the off season completes my setup i would say.

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