Motto: “One life, live it!”

Since 8 years is Nathan Secondi determined to the bike scene. He originates from the Pyrenees. He is a rider for the cube action team, that was his goal for years. When he’s not on the bike he usually does some compensatory sports like skiing or climbing and if not, he’s to be found in his garage fixing his bike. For the next season he tries to be one of the top 15 Elite rider overall.


What makes you special?

My determination to the biking scene and the ambition to achieve all my set goals.

Where do you prefer to train?

In the Pyrenees! That’s where I grew up and got into biking. Therefore I know loads of spots and trails perfectly suited for my training routines. Throughout my biking days I really started to appreciate the Mountains.

What are you doing before the start?

I plan the whole ride in my head, stage by stage, section by section, even rock by rock.

What are your goals?

My goal for the next season ist to be one of the best 15 elite riders overall.

What does the CUBE Action Team mean to you?

For a long time I’ve dreamed of being a rider a professional biking brand. And Here I am, after 8 years of gaining experience in biking. This opens to a whole new chapter of my life, I’m really looking forward too.

What do you do when you’re not on the bike?

In my opinion the most important thing apart from biking is to take care of your bike. If the bike is in a good shape, my riding is as well! Apart from that, I really enjoy skiing and climbing and sometimes even to just do nothing and get some rest.

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