Slogan: “If you do it – do it well – go all out!”

Racing has been a part of Gustav’s life for years. The Swiss biker has now been a proud member of the CUBE Actionteam for 10 years. He owes his success to his constant training as well as his talent to always develop himself further. The bike pro loves to train on trails near Davos to constantly refine his technique and sharpen his senses. His next goals for 2024 are to win the Swiss Championship. Besides biking, Gustav’s main focus is clearly on his family. 


What makes you special?

I think it’s my talent to keep developing and never stop learning new things.

What are you doing before the start?

Racing has been a part of my life for years, even before the start I especially try to sharpen my senses.

Where do you prefer to train?

I prefer to train on trails near Davos, my home town. I pay particular attention to constantly refining my technique and sharpening my senses. 

What are your goals?

My next goals for 2024 are to win the Swiss Championship.

What does the CUBE Actionteam mean to you?

I’ve been in the Actionteam for ten years now, it’s like a second family to me! I’m very grateful to Claus Wachsmann our head coach, he always had my back, even when things weren’t going so well.

What do you do when you’re not on the bike?

Family is of course my main focus.

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