Slogan: “Realize your vision!”

Even a team like the CUBE Actionteam needs, in addition to the team riders and a team manager, a head of media who supports the team in all aspects. And so the former downhill pro and founder of InVisions has made it his mission to accompany and support the team on its travels around the world.


What are your tasks at CUBE?

The implementation of new projects, videos, external communication, as well as the support of the homepage and various social media channels. But I couldn’t do it all without my team at InVisions!

What makes your work at CUBE different from other projects?

It’s a perfect and exciting balance to the other work in the agency. We get around a lot and spend most of our time in nature. Everything is much more relaxed.

Why did you stay in the sports field?

The main goal is to have fun. That’s why I decided to stay in the sports field, combining my passion and my profession.

What do you do in your free time?

I like to spend my free time climbing, on a ski tour or on my bike. Just switching off and going out. That’s the perfect balance for me. Since biking is my passion, working for CUBE is not really “work” at all.

What motivates you?

The biggest motivation for me is to be able to capture the greatest and most spectacular moments on the bike and to implement unique projects together in a family-like atmosphere.

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